Saturday, 13 December 2014

SickTip #4

With an illness like CFS it is important we listen to our bodies. They tell us what we can and what we can't do. Which is, to be honest, the most annoying thing to be told. So people tend to ignore it. Because we do not only have a body, we have a heart, a soul, a desire to fulfill our dreams and that's our health. It's the most important thing in our lives and we should keep it that way. Even though our bodies might tell us differently, we must fight to fulfill our dreams, because life will mean nothing if we don't try.
No matter how great any of this sounds, it's not easy. However, this doesn't mean it's impossible. When you're ill, mind and body are at war. They won't cooperate and want to take each other down. You alone can call for a cease fire and make the two work together. This takes time and a lot of practice, but you'll get there.
Being ill is difficult, the dreams you once had feel further away than they have ever felt. This might be true. Being sick and exhausted makes it more difficult, I'm not going to lie nor sugar coat it, but it will be hard, tough and you'll need help reaching your goals. You might not even reach them at all, but if we don't try, we'll never know. In the end, the journey makes us stonger, forms us into the person we were supposed to become, teaches us lessons essential in life. We, as people who are sick, need this, maybe even more than anyone else.
We should indeed listen to our bodies, rest when we need to, so we have a change to recover. But when our bodies allow us to travel one step closer to our dreams, we should take that step, even if there are thousands of steps more needed to reach our destination. So make it count. Good luck.


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  1. This is very inspiring :) I think people, regardless of their health, sometimes give up too easily and its excellent you're so encouraging despite your illness xx


  2. Hi! I also have an illness and I just found your blog! I'm definitely following you maybe you can do the same?

  3. Great post
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  4. Checkhov said: ''A healthy person has a thousand wishes, a sick person only one.'' - to be healthy.
    Your posts are so useful. Wish you all the best <3

    Kapege life moments :)

  5. Beautiful writing, I really enjoyed reading through this :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  6. thanks for sharing. would you like to follow each other ?

  7. It must be so frustrating to be ill and not able to do things you want to do.

    Hope you're having a nice weekend.

    Corinne x