Saturday, 6 December 2014

SickTip #3

It's been to long since I did one of these, but like I said in my previous post, I wan't to change my uploading schedule drastically. Which means that from now on, every Saturday you'll find a new SickTip on my blog, calling this day SickTip Saturday.
Today I'll be talking about telling people how you feel. I know this has been a problem I struggled with a lot when I was ill. I always thought no one would understand how I felt, but how could I ever expect them to, if I din't even try to explain?
For a long time I walked around with feeling cropped up in my body. Making it feel like I had a massive weight on my shoulders. Every day the weight on my shoulders felt heavier and heavier, which made having CFS a lot harder. After probably a year I finally sat down and talked with my parents about every single thing, the big things but also the little things. I got to know how they felt and thought about everything and so did they about me. We probably talked for hours, but every minute the weight on my shoulders decreased. It felt so good to let those tears I've been holding back roll over my cheeks. That was also the moment I came to notice it was not only a hard time for me, but also for my parents. Never before I thought about how painful it must have been for them to see me so ill. It opened up my eyes.
What I want to tell with this story is: tell someone how you feel. Don't crop up your feelings like I did, and if you did, tell someone. Please do, because it's so important. Tell someone who's close to you, like your parents, brother or sister, good friend or boyfriend/girlfriend. It feels so good, trust me.
Even if you think they won't understand, the least thing you can do is try. Pleaso do, because it's so important.
Also, know you're not the only one. There are so many people on this earth feeling the same way you do. Wouldn't it be great if in some way, we could speak with each other. For now we can do this in the comment section, or feel free to email me if you want to have somebody to talk to.
I wish you all the strength you need.

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