Saturday, 27 September 2014

Review: L'Oréal Paris Collection Privée Nude Lipsticks

Hello Girls, and maybe some guys? Don't know, but if you're there: Hiii!

I've been searching for the perfect nude lipstick for so long now. I am usually quite scared of wearing nude lipsticks, because my lips are quite pigmented and nude lipsticks look really dramatic on me. Furthermore, they often don't have enough pigmentation to cover my natural pigmented lips. The struggles...
Most people buy a nude lipstick as their first colour, but not me. (I started with a coral lipstick) For a very long time, no nude lipstick has made it to my makeup collection, but that has changed recently, when I bought these two beauties, and I love them to death.

I'm talking about the L'Oréal Paris Collection Privée Nude Lipsticks. I have been walking into the drugstore to swatch them again and again, but it took me a while to actually buy them. Then two months ago, the gorgeous girl Kitty from KittyHearts blogged about them. I asked her about the pigmentation of the lipsticks and which colour she would advise me to buy. And as the sweet girl she is, she answered my question and suggested the colour Eva to me.
So out I went, into the drugstore and bought Eva's Nude. I also couldn't resist the lipstick standing next to it being Julianne's Nude.
I have been wearing these two lipstick constantly and probably never been happier with a lipstick. That sounds so sad..

Sorry for the long intro, I'm in a chatty (writey) mood, but I'll start with the actual review and swatches now.

What drew me to these lipstick from the start was the packaging. I just can't resist a gorgeous matte black with gold detailed packaging. It's gorgeous and looks very luxurious. Just look at it! *drools*

But no matter how gorgeous the packaging is, the most important bit is inside. L'Oréal has come up with 6 nude shades inspired by 6 of their spokespersons: Doutzen Kroes, Julianne Moore, Eva Longoria, Freida Pinto, Cheryl Cole and Liya Kebede. The result? A gorgeous collection of nude lipstick in which everyone is able to find their perfect nude, even me! The shades I went for are Julianne's Nude and Eva's Nude.

Julianne's Nude is described as barely peach. "Sensual and delicate to the extreme, enhances the radiance of pale complexions and endows them with elegance and sophistication." It is a gorgeous peachy pink colour and applies beautifully on the lips. The lipstick feels and looks sheer on the lips, but is actually still very pigmented. Perfection. It is definitely a my lips but better shade. Love it.

Eva's Nude is described as barely golden. "With a hint of gold added, the best to capture the radiance of matte skin and sublimate the complexion, the sun‑kissed effect is worthy of the influential woman!" This lipstick is stunning. It is a gorgeous combination between orange, brown and gold and my favourite out of the two. I've been wearing this day after day and don't think I will ever get bored of it. Again it is amazingly pigmented.

Both lipsticks slide on perfectly on the lips. The formula is quite buttery and smooth. Even Eva's nude which is leaning towards the more matte lipsticks. Both lipsticks are also moisturising and last a good while on the lips, but touch ups after eating is never a bad idea.

I'm so happy I've finally found my perfect nude lipstick(s). If you struggle with finding your perfect nude lipstick, definitely go and check these out.

Let me know what your favourite nude lipstick is, I'd be interested to know. Also do you own any of the L'Oréal Collection Privée lipsticks? If yes, which one? And do you love it as much as I do?

I've also recently bought two of the L'Oréal Pure Red lipsticks, which I will blog about very soon. So keep your eye out for that, or when it's up, see the link at the end of this post.

For now, have a great weekend. I love you!

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