Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Resolutions TAG

Happy New Year everyone!!
So it's the New Year which means new resolutions, which will probably fail within the first two weeks of 2014.

I thought just a list of my resolutions for this year would be a bit boring. But there was the beautiful Nikkie from Nikkietutorials who came up with The Resolutions TAG! Nikkie is amazing with make-up and extremely funny, so I definitely suggest to go and check her out. Here are the links to her YouTube and Blog.

Anyway, this tag is perfect. Thanks Nikkie for coming up with it. This tag consists out of 10 questions of which 6 are on looking back, where you reflect the previous year and 4 are on looking forward. Let's start!

1. Name 3 things you did this year that you're proud of:

First of all I'm really proud I finally started blogging. I wanted to create this blog for a while now, but kept postponing it. But it's here now. I finally did it. So I'm quite proud of that.
The second thing I'm proud of is that I started a job in 2013. For a long time I was scared that I wouldn't be able to work, because of my health. For those of you who want to know, I worked at Etos, which is a Dutch drugstore. I worked there for six months and then sadly had to quit, because of my health and the combination of school and working got too much for me. But I really liked my job and my colleagues were very sweet. But even though I had to quit, I'm still proud of having worked for half a year.
Lastly I'm proud of being in my final year of school, this May I will be taking my exams. My grades aren't extremely good, but they are good enough for me. I'm happy I am able to go to school now, because a few years back I couldn't go, because of my health. So I'm really proud that school is still going well, even though I have to miss a few days a month due to my CFS.

2. Name one thing you wish you had done differently:

I wasn't really good of a planner last year. Now, planning is really important for me, especially during busy periods like test weeks or when I have a big school project coming up. If I don't plan these things carefully, I will stress a lot, which makes my CFS worse and I will be ill a lot more often. After the Christmas break I had to hand in the first version of a big school project which is needed to earn a school diploma. However, instead of working on it really hard from the beginning of the holiday, I waited till the end and it turned out to be a lot more work than I expected. So I ran out of time, which caused a lot of stress. When I finished it I had been ill for 4 days, because of all the stress and using up all of my energy. So I wish I had planned better.

3. What was your biggest highlight this year?

Going to London with my boyfriend just before Christmas. It was the first time we travelled together, so that was quite exciting. London was so beautiful and made me feel really Christmassy. I loved it. I also wrote a blogpost about it with some pictures, which you can check out here.

4. What was your favourite beauty product this year?

My favourite beauty product of 2013 has to be my Zoeva neutral eyeshadow palette. This palette has 28 beautiful eyeshadows. You can create a simple every day look with it or go for a smokey eye for night time. The shadows are quite pigmented, but some are prone to fallout. However this is no problem if you do your eyes first and then go on to your skin.

5. What was your least favourite beauty product this year?

My least favourite product has to be, shock horror, the Maybelline falsies mascara. I know so many people love this mascara to death, but to be honest, I didn't really like it a lot. It made my eye lashes stick together so much I ended up looking like I had 5 eyelashes per eye. I don't know why, but it just didn't work for me. It looks great on other people though, so maybe my eyelashes are just weird. 

6. Who do you want to thank for being amazing this year?

So many people (: My boyfriend, my family, my friends and you, reading my blog. You all cheer me up so much. I can't thank you guys enough for it.

7. What are the makeup/beauty resolutions you have for next year?

Wear winged eyeliner more often. In December I started venturing into winged eyeliner and I quite like it. I used to think it was a bit too much for me, I still do, a little, but I'm trying to get over that and wear winged eyeliner more often.
Another resolution I have is to drink more water, because my skin is very dry and I noticed that it improved when I drank more water, but I got a bit lazy and didn't pay that much attention to it. So I'm trying to do that a lot more this year.

8. What are your fashion resolutions for next year?

Saving money to buy good quality staples. Like a good quality white t-shirt or black jeans or a good fitted blazer. Because they will stay good a lot longer and I won't have to end up buying those staples again after a year, because they lost their shape or the colour wasn't as white any more.
Another fashion resolution is making more clothes myself. I love to design and create my own clothes and have a long list of clothes I want to make, but the previous year I just didn't find the time. I really hope I will find the time for it this year though.

9. What are your personal resolutions for next year?

In 2014 I want to pass my exams, then go to uni and move out. I'm really looking forward to moving out and having my own place for a couple of years now and hopefully this year it will finally be happening. So yeah, I'm really excited for that, but first I'll have to pass my exams.

10. Name one thing you want to check off your bucket list next year?

Decorating my own place. I already have so many ideas, but I'll have to wait till summer before it will really happen. But travelling and seeing the world would be nice to.

And that were the questions.
I won't tag anyone in particular, but if you enjoyed this tag and want to do it yourself, I tag you.

I hope you have an amazing 2014 and good luck with your resolutions!



  1. Nice post! Great fashion resolution.

    Ray | Obey Ray

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    xo Mélane
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  3. Yeah blogging is one of my 2013 achievement too! Good luck on your exams :)

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