Monday, 30 December 2013

Review: Rituals Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel Sensation

I previously got a gift from one of my bestest friends ever and it contained this shower gel. The Rituals Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel Sensation. Well, that's a mouthful.

Rituals Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel Sensation RRP €8,-

Whenever I'm in town I love to check out the rituals store to give their products a little sniff. Sorry, I just can't resist. And I think that the Ayurveda collection has my favourite scent. This shower gel contains organic ingredients which are sweet almond oil and Indian rose, which gives the product its beautiful scent. It is sweet but has a little, how do I call it, spice in it. It's not your typical sweet scent. Sometimes I find sweet scents a bit overpowering, but the scent this Rituals Shower Gel has is an amazing balance between sweet, sexy, sensual and romantic and not overpowering at all. It kind of reminds me of holidays in the East, although I have never been there.

The Indian rose is meant to be relaxing for body and mind, but I didn't really find this scent really relaxing for some reason. But I actually like that. Showers are supposed to wake me up most of the time, and a relaxing scent won't really help to wake you up. This is why this shower product can be used any time of the day, being it morning or night.

I have been loving this shower gel from the moment I opened the present. I mean, look at that packaging, it is beautiful and captures the feeling the scent will give you perfectly. It gives you an oriental spa feeling, just like the scent does. It looks quite luxury, which is always nice.
But not only is it a product that stands there being pretty in your shower, it is really good.

First of all it is a foaming shower gel. The first time I used it I kind of felt like I was putting shaving foam all over my body, but I got used to it quickly. It is very easy and quick to apply and the foam makes the product feel quite luxurious. Who doesn't want a luxurious shower now and then? Another bonus, because the foam reminded me of shaving gel, I actually tried shaving my legs with it and it worked perfectly. A handy 2 in 1 product.

As you can see a little goes a long way

After showering you can still enjoy the scent because the bathroom will smell like sweet almond oil and Indian roses for quite a long time. I was actually amazed when I got into my bathroom the next morning, after taking a shower the previous night, and find my bathroom still smelling really nice.
Sadly the scent doesn't stay that long on my body, but on the other hand, with all other great smelling products I use daily, it might be a tad bit too much.

It is said that the sweet almond oil restores the moisture balance of the skin, but I didn't find it as moisturizing as I hoped it would be. Still it does a great job as I have naturally really dry skin, which improved a lot when using this. But my other shower gel does a greater job. Depending on your skin type it may be moisturizing enough for you, but for me, especially during winter, it wasn't.

Would I buy this product? Well, to be honest, no matter how much I love it, I wouldn't buy it for myself. I think that it is a bit too pricey for an every day shower gel. But I would definitely buy this for someone else as a present.

In case you are not very fond of this smell, but are interested to try out a foaming shower gel. Rituals has lots of other scents you can choose from, ranging from fresh to fruity.
Are you male or looking for a present for a man? Rituals also sells a foaming shower gel for men.

Have you ever tried any of the Rituals' foaming shower gels or any other Rituals products? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts.


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