Monday, 27 January 2014

The Perfect Pair of Boots

First of all I want to thank everyone who checked out and followed my blog. I got a lot of pageviews last week and a few followers and I am happy with everyone of you

Now lets get on with the post. A few days ago I ordered these boots from H&M and I'm in love with them.
I have been searching for the perfect pair of black boots for a few months now and I think I may have found them.

The boots are made of fake leather and have an elastic panel on both sides. The heel is 8,5cm which is quite high. However the boots are still very comfortable. I have been walking in them all day yesterday and my feet didn't even hurt.

It has finally snowed in the Netherlands, yeah!! This also means I could test out these beautiful boots in the snow. I was surprised, walking in the snow with these boots wasn't slippery at all. I think this might be because of the chunky heel, which will give you some more grip in the slippy, wet snow.

My little kitty wanting attention and being in shot (:

These new boots will definitely be a staple in my closet, because I love them so much.
Which are your favourite shoes? Tell me in the comments below, I'd love to hear about your thoughts.



  1. These shoes are so perfect ,I want them badly:)

  2. Love your blog! And love these shoes, I havevery similar ones from New look :)


  3. I love boots, I have like 6 different pairs that I bought, just in this season!
    Make sure to check out my blog:

  4. Those boots are so cute! my fave boots probably have to be doc martins but i just really like boots that are quite army stye with laces xx

  5. Your blog is lovely! I have followed you xx

    1. Thank you!
      Your blog is really nice as well, I checked it out earlier and I loved it (:

  6. Beautiful boots! :) I love the way you photographed them with the flowers and cat! haha! :)

  7. We've the same shoes in polish H&M! Or actually, we had. I've been considering if I should buy them, but eventually I've decided not to :( but anyway they look wonderful :)

  8. I love boots too! Yours are cute and so is your cat :) xx