Friday, 20 December 2013

Sick Tip #1

So I decided to call my tips "Sick Tips" and this one is the first of many.
In my Sick Tips I will write tips that have helped me to improve my health.
In the hope these tips will help others, I will be sharing them on my blog.
In case you came here to read beauty & fashion related posts, don't worry, they will come very soon. I promise.

Now that is all done, let's get going.

Whilst being on one of my many tumblr expeditions, I came across this text:


This text stood out to me, because it is something I try to do every day.

For most people waking up early in the morning is very hard and I'm one of them.
Especially during the winter, because it is way too cold outside and staying in bed is just a lot warmer and much more snugly.
However, school will begin in a few hours and I need to get ready.
Now the thought of going to school or work might not be the best motivation to get out of your bed.

As a CFS patient sleep is very important to me. If I don't get enough sleep I do not only feel extremely tired, but also very weak, nauseous, dizzy and suffer from bad back and neck aches and muscle pains. Staying in my cosy warm bed and catch some more z's to feel better in a few hours is an easy choice, but most of the times not the best one.
Missing school, work or something else of such importance isn't very convenient. I usually regret my choice of staying in bed for my health at the end of the day.

Please don't understand me wrong here. Most of the times, when you don't feel well, staying in bed is the better option. However for me, and maybe some other people, it is often better to get out of bed and go to school. It is hard to explain, but it is really something only you can decide. Only you know exactly how you feel and therefore what you should do.

I think we all have those days when we rather stay in bed than get up. I just have them very frequently. The key is to motivate yourself enough to want to get out of bed more than to stay in.
That is why I try not to think about the long school day I have ahead of me, with the boring lessons and the huge amount of homework, but about the people I will see and the fun chats during between lessons. When I think about those things I feel more motivated to get up. It is easier to decide to get out of bed, even if this means feeling poorly all day, when you have a fun day ahead.

If you are not motivated enough, try something else, for example, reward yourself when you get home with a nice treat e.g. chocolate, cake or ice cream and lay down on the couch watching TV or a movie, or plan something fun on that day to keep you going. This doesn't have to be something big. Choose something of which you know you will have enough energy for. This can be a movie night or a nice dinner with friends, but you can also invite someone over and just have a nice evening chatting away. Whatever you feel like. If this is too much, a nice warm bath is also a really nice and great for those sore muscles. Or you could just crawl back into your bed, knowing that you deserved it.

Trying is very important, if you have tried, you can never fail. Even if you decide halfway through the day that you feel too poorly to go to the rest of your classes, or work those last hours, you have done a great job anyway and you can definitely be proud of yourself. I am too.

I am not saying that staying in bed all day is wrong and you should feel bad about yourself because that is surely not the case. If you have a bad day you may of course lie in bed and rest until you feel better. The point is that you need to feel proud of your achievement and you shouldn´t forget to reward yourself, like the treats, a warm bath or allow yourself to buy that lipstick you have been wanting to buy for a long time. Whatever you want.

Rewarding yourself is very important. It is another motivation to get up next time. (Just a tip, don't reward yourself with gifts all the time, your bank balance might not like it and to give yourself the evening off is a really nice treat as well.)

Another important thing is that you know your boundaries, when can I go and when can't I go. This is usually something you learn along the way by making mistakes. I definitely made some mistakes, for example forcing myself to go to prom, because I didn't want to miss it, but I ended up fainting and the guard made me go home. Even though I was very stubborn and did not want to go. "I feel fine, really".

But also the other way around, staying home whilst I could have gone to school. Those days I thought I was really stupid and weak and I would never get well that way. However, most of the times I did need the day off. Yes, I am quite stubborn and usually ask too much of myself. Not good, don't do this.

What I do now every time I am in doubt if I should go or not is to get downstairs and eat my breakfast. After that I can decide if I should stay home or am able to go to school. By getting out of bed you've already made the first step and it's easier to continue. Sometimes I feel better after eating my breakfast and I know that I can go to school, other times I feel worse and know that I definitely shouldn't go if I don't want to faint again and crawl back into my bed.

I always try again after a couple of hours, because in some cases I feel a lot better after a few more hours of sleep and can go to school the rest of the day, only having missed the first lessons. I would suggest this, but you are the one who can judge best if it will work for you or not. Not everyone is on the same "level" and some feel worse than others. This even changes every day, one day you may feel better after a few hours of sleep and the other day you may not. Other people can't even go to school or work because of their disease and for those I am really sorry. I almost had to be home schooled because of my CFS which was something I really did not want because I would miss my friends a lot.

What I want to say with this is that you should decide for yourself if this is something that could help you. Never follow my advice blindly and before following my advice read my disclaimer.

So to look back at the text, the wonderful thing that happens every day I go to school is seeing my friends and my sweet boyfriend, the fun conversations we have and maybe, a tiny little bit, the things I learn that day. Yes, I am a little bit of a nerd. And when I'm home after a long, hard day of school feeling like I could hibernate, I lie down on the couch and watch my favourite TV series, films and YouTube video's, with a hot chocolate with a lot of whipped cream.

If you think about it, a lot of wonderful things can happen on a day. The important thing is to keep an eye out for the tiny little but oh so wonderful things.

What are the wonderful things happening on your day?


Before following my advice read my Disclaimer

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