Thursday, 1 May 2014

Primark (Jewellery) Haul

So two days ago, my mum, little sister and I went to Germany to go Primark shopping.
We don't have many Primarks in the Netherlands and the closest one to me is a two hour drive, which is the same amount of time it takes me to drive to the Primark in Bremen, Germany. Easy choice: Germany it is!
I wasn't really impressed with the clothes Primark had in store, I had hoped to find some nice tops and blouses. However, I also needed to by some necklaces, which is what I did, a lot, like a whole lot. Don't worry I did buy some other things, but just a warning, this haul is mainly going to be necklaces.
So why not start with them?

Gold, Black, Red and Blue Chunky Primark Necklace  €6,-
This first necklace is probably one of my favourites. Who am I kidding? I love them all! But anyway this necklace is gorgeous. I love the red and blue detailing to give the necklace a pop of colour. It's a chunky necklace, but not heavy to wear. This necklace is perfect to spice up your simple, jeans and tee outfit, for when your going out for dinner or something similar. It would also look really nice with a simple black dress. This necklace cost me six euros, bargain! Especially for its quality which feels really nice.

Black and Gold Primark Necklace  €4,-
This next necklace is a little bit more toned down, but pretty nonetheless. I love the combination of gold and black and I think this necklace will go really well with most of my outfits, since black is the running theme in my closet. This necklace was only 4 euros and again good quality.

Gold and Silver Primark Necklace  €4,-
Next up a mixed metal necklace, with gold and silver. I wasn't really sure at first if I should buy it or not, since it's quite different for me and I wasn't really sure if it would suit me, but I'm happy I did. And for four euros, you can never go wrong. This necklace feels a little bit cheaper than the others because of the beads, but the quality of it is still quite nice, and I don't feel like it would break easily.
Tribal Black and Gold Primark Necklace  €6,-
Look at this necklace! It's stunning. Again a combination of black and gold, but this time with a couple of diamantes. I really wanted to buy a chunky necklace like this one, so I was very happy when I saw this one hanging in the jewellery section. I love the tribal print on the triangles which give the necklace a little more detailing. It's a bit edgy, but the diamantes make it a little bit more girly. I love it. Again this would go amazing with a black dress and the quality is really nice again. I'm amazed by the quality of these Primark necklaces. And amazing prizing again, only six euros.

Gold and White Primark Necklace  €4,-
It's okay guys, this is the last necklace. This one is probably the girliest of them all. The combination of gold and white is really pretty and easy to wear with most outfits. This would look really nice with a white summer top or even a top in a bright coral colour. The quality of this necklace also feels really nice and this one is again 4 euros.

Round Tortoise Primark Sunglasses  €2.50
Next up is another type of accessories, being sunglasses. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen these already (link at the end of this post). I didn't think round glasses would suit me, since I think I've got quite a round face. But I tried these on for fun and was really surprised. They actually suited me! So I had to buy them of course. The quality of these isn't really that great. The glasses squeak when you open them and the frame is quite cheap and the tortoise print on these glasses is not the prettiest. But for 2.50 euros, I don't really mind. I will however look for similar sunglasses, but with better quality, because I do really love them and I don't think these will last me very long. Especially if you leave them in your bag, without a case, because you lost it.... These glasses do come with a little bag though, but that little bag won't really protect them.

Super Cosy Primark Tights in black reduced to  €1,-
Grey Slippers  €4,-
In the sale section I found the super cosy tights reduced from four euros to only one euro, so I bought two. I won't be wearing them now, because they are way to warm for spring and summer, but I will save them for the winter. I tried them on though and they are definitely super cosy. The only downside is that they are quite short for me and I have to keep pulling them up, maybe go a size up if you have long legs.
Another super cosy thing I've bought is this pair of slippers. I saw them in the pyjama section and just had to take them with me. They are so soft, it feels like you're walking on clouds. And can I just mention how cute that bow is? I've been wearing them all day today and yesterday and I don't think I'll ever wear anything else on my feet when I'm home. These slippers are especially handy for summer when you wear sandals and flip flops a lot, but when you take your shoes off you walk bare feet through the house, on the cold floor, which I really, really hate. So these are perfect for me and that for four euros and a nice quality again.
Brown Primark Purse €4,-
I also bought this little brown purse, because I needed one for when I go on holiday. I don't love it a lot, but it will suffice. And like I said, I really needed one badly, because I only have a couple of handbags, which are way to large for sightseeing in Barcelona.
The bag has a small extra pocket on the inside, which I find very handy and I do love the detailing on the bag, and I like the colour. Actually I'm not really sure why I don't love it. I guess I'm just that type of person who doesn't like small bags.

Black Primark Flats €5,-
Next up I bought a pair of flats. I don't really have a pair of nice looking flats, just some sneakers, but no pretty shoes. I did need them though, because you need a pair of pretty shoes to go with your pretty dress and heels aren't always an option.
I really like the shape of these shoes, they are a bit different to normal flats, but still really simple and elegant. They feel very comfortable for now, but I get a feeling I will get a blister on my heel, because I just always do with new shoes. However the quality of them feels nice and a pair of shoes for only 5 euros? I won't say no.

Pack of 10 Primark Clothing Hangers €6,-
The last thing I bought are these clothing hangers. As you may know I'm moving out this summer and I've been collecting so many things for my new room, including these hangers. I've heard so much about these type of hangers, but I never thought Primark would have them. So when I saw them I immediately grabbed a couple and put them in my bag. There were different colours, but I opted for the simple black ones and the nude and purple coloured ones. I've bought two of each colour which is a total of 40 hangers. I think that will be enough.
The reason why these hangers are so amazing is because they are non-slip, but that's not all. As you can see in the photos, the hangers are really slim. When I was home I was curious how much of my wooden hangers would fit in these ten felt hangers, well it were 5. Which means that with these hangers you can store twice the amount of clothes in your wardrobe! Or in my case, don't have to buy a very large wardrobe for in your new room.

This was my Primark Haul. I hoped you enjoyed reading and seeing what I've bought. What was your favourite item? I think mine is the sunglasses even though its poor quality.
Thanks for reading! Byeee!


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  2. Gal you have got amazing stuff! All the neckpieces are amazing! <3

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  6. Oh, I should definitly go to Primark! :D
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