Sunday, 9 February 2014

Review: Tanya Burr's Lip Glosses

First of all I want to congratulate Tanya Burr on creating and releasing her own make up line. I'm so proud of her and I think she did an amazing job. If you don't know Tanya (who doesn't?) here's the link to her YouTube channel and her blog.

Lipglosses by Tanya Burr RRP €9,09 Available on FeelUnique
I've ordered two nail polishes and two lip glosses. The nail polishes haven't arrived yet, but I'll review those when I can. Until then, here's my review of Tanya's lip glosses:

Tanya has worked together with eye CANDY for over a year (I believe) and the finished result is a gorgeous collection existing of 12 lip glosses and 10 nail polishes in the most beautiful colours and the most amazing names. Tanya chose the names of the products herself and I think she's done a great job choosing names that mean something to her personally, ranging from her favourite Disney princess to her love for penguins or some of her most precious memories.

The two lip glosses I ordered are 'First Date' and 'Vampire Kiss' and I was so exited once I got them in my mailbox, I wanted to put them on straight away. But as the good blogger I am, I waited till after I photographed the packaging.
I think the packaging of the lip glosses look really nice. Tanya did a good job personalizing them, so they can be easily recognized as hers. On the packaging is a picture of Tanya, looking beautiful as always, with her signature underneath.

The packaging of the lip glosses themselves is quite simple, which I like, but personalized with Tanya's signature and the little heart on top of the lid, which I think is really cute.

Let's get on with the product. When I opened the lip gloss a sweet, fruity smell greeted me. The scent is quite strong when applying the product, but leaves quickly. If your not a fan of scented make up products, that's a thing you should keep in mind. I'm not a huge fan of the scent, but I don't dislike it either. It's a bit mehh.. Although it smells fruity, it's a bit more like fruit flavoured sweets and not the fruit itself, if you get what I mean, a bit artificial.

The next thing I noticed is the applicator. I haven't seen one like this before. It reminded me a bit of those plastic coffee spoons with two holes in them, but than a bit thicker and without the holes. Application went really nice. The amount of product you get on the applicator is the perfect amount to do one lip. I had to get used to the applicator for a few seconds, but quickly found out how to work with it and my love for it grew fast. With this applicator you can work really accurate and neat, which is  handy, especially for the darker lipglosses. I also found it really easy to apply the lipgloss to the inner part of the lip, while with others I usually smudge some lipgloss on my teeth. This might have to with the fact that I'm clumsy.

The first lip gloss I tried was 'First Date'. I was a bit scared to try it, because the colour of the lip gloss is quite light, which usually doesn't really suit me. 'First Date' is a beautiful blue toned pink colour with a slight hint of lilac. Although on the pictures of the product in the bottle it looks more peachy, I don't know why. The colour of the swatches is more accurate.
L: Vampire Kiss, R: First Date

First Date
The lip gloss itself is nicely pigmented. It gives enough colour to be a little bit more than a sheer coat, but you can build it up to be fully opaque. I prefer to let a bit of my own lip colour shine through the lip gloss, because otherwise the lip gloss will be to light for my skintone.

Vampire Kiss
Next the lip gloss I was most exited for 'Vampire Kiss'. I was a little bit disappointed at first, because the lip gloss turned out to be lighter than it is in the bottle when I applied the first layer, but beautiful nonetheless. But my disappointment faded quickly, because to get the dark colour, you only need a little bit of a thicker layer.
On the photos of the swatches the colour looks a bit orangy, but in real life it's more of a true (dark) red.

First Date                                                Vampire Kiss
I've been wearing 'First Date' today and it stayed on quite well, with a few touch ups. Also the lip gloss isn't very sticky, depending on how thick the layer of lip gloss you're wearing is. Another bonus is the taste, which is really nice. I can't really tell what it tastes like, because I simply have no idea, but I can tell it is a lot better than make up which tastes like... well, make up.

Overall, I'm happy with my purchase and I think Tanya Burr can be very proud of her collection. I hope that some day her make up line will be sold in Dutch shops, so I can try out more products, because there are a few other lip glosses and nail polishes I would like to add to my collection. Until then I will have to buy them on Feelunique.

Have you tried Tanya's make up products? Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear what you think about them.



  1. great review! wasnt sure if I should get them, but I think I will now! Thanks xxxx

  2. I enjoyed your review! I think I may have to get the colour 'First Date'! xx

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  3. I literally couldn't be happier for her!
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  4. I can't wait to try Tanya's lipgloss and nail polish range! Great review! 'First date' looks so nice, I must try that one. xx

  5. I didn't try them out yet, but these colours are gorgeous :)

  6. The First Date color is gorgeous! Thanks to your detailed review, I may have to give them a try ;)

  7. Lovely colours, definately need to try these out soon! xx

  8. I wish you hadn't posted this review as I have now just ordered both of these colours to go along with the Aurora and Exotic Island I already ordered lol I am still waiting on my order for these, forever unique seem to take a while with delivery! looking forward to reading more reviews but my bank balance isn't hehe.I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! you can check out the rules and questions on my blog :) xXx

  9. I love Tanya! I really want to try her nail polish...but I can't get it where I live :(


  10. Ahh, i love tanya burr! The 'First Date' lipgloss is so pretty, but both colors look so pretty with your hair color and skin tone.


  11. awersome colours

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